BandCamp integration

Bandcamp easy fulfillment with Amphora

Bandcamp is an amazing platform to discover music and that supports the artists making it. BandCamp is great, and from the tech department in Amphora, we accepted the challenge to integrate it. Our customer, a music producer, had both Shopify and Bandcamp.

In this article we will show you how easy is to get rid of sending vinyls and merch. Amphora does it for you. At the last, you just will have to send us your products, and we will start fulfilling automatically the orders that start flowing in our system in real time, everywhere.

1. Sync Bandcamp

Once you create your Amphora account, we need to ask Bandcamp to activate the API integration for our shop ( )

Then we can go ahead and sync the shop products by adding the information in our page.


2. Add bandcamp products

Once we are linked, we need to add the products that Amphora will be working. If you just want us to work some products, is ok, you can link only those, and we will leave you the rest.

It is important to check before we sync the products, that we have different sku for each product. The SKU is like the ID card of a product. It is problematic later to have products without sku or with duplicated sku inside the same shop. The SKU is an internal id, so feel free to invent any pattern, like MUSIC-VINYL-5. Notice that the SKU is case sensitive.

3. Send us product

Now that we have the products sync with Amphora, we can go and start receiving orders that you will see in the orders page, but still is not possible to activate the service. We miss the most important thing, your products!

To send products, we need to define what we are sending (products/quantities).

This process will end up with a product sending in progress, and will generate for you some labels. This labels must be pasted outside the box that you are sending, so we can scan them and place them in our fulfillment warehouse slots.

As soon as the warehouse receive the product, the state of the sending will be updated in your Amphora dashboard, and you will have stock. You can open each sending and check what is the content, generate the labels for it etc.

4. Activate

Now we will activate. The orders that will arrive from Bandcamp will be processed, the stock will be reduced, and the fulfillment will be leaving the next business day.

In Amphora, you will see in real time the state of your order:

  • New: We just received the order

  • Processing: We checked that there is stock, and the warehouse has already the order in the work pipeline

  • Shipped: The order is ready, packed and with a label, travelling to the destination. You can check now the tracking URL.

  • Fulfilled: The customer received the order, we got confirmation from our carrier.

  • Exception: Something happened (missing stock, the address is wrong...). We will handle this if we can, or notify you if we need something.

  • Cancelled: You can cancel any order, before we start processing it.

All orders can be controlled together, from Bandcamp or any other shops that you want to sync.

Did you like what you saw? Would you like to forget about the daily transactions with your Bandcamp customers?

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