Products in Amphora Logistics

Products in Amphora

In this article we will explain you what to do in the products page.

The products are the core of your e-commerce. We know that and we provide the best tools to empower your e-commerce, allowing you to create bundles, assign paper cards to them, assign them packaging, barcodes etc. All this can be done from the product details page.

1st, we can see the product image, the name and the barcode that it holds. This barcode is important, because when a product reaches our warehouse inside a multiple SKU box/pallet, we use it to identify your product and properly place it in the storage area. The storage area is classified with slots, and our warehouse operators use our internal technology to scan the barcode / qr code that labels your product, and find the location where it has to be stored. By default, amphora assigns each product a barcode, but you can add here your own EAN, UPC or CODE 128 barcode, and we will work with it since then on.

Product barcode area

2nd, we can see some basic information. This information is edited from the E-commerce platform, to avoid having different versions of the same product between platforms. The dimensions in cm are optional, and allow us to know more about the product, so we can store it better in the warehouse.

Basic information

3rd, we can tag the product with 4 diferent types:

  • Virtual products represent a bundle, and they don't have stock by themselves (example: tennis balls pot)

  • Individual items, are primary products used to build bundles (example: 1 tennis ball)

  • Publicity, are items that will be added in the packaging only 1 time (even if we buy 10 products, we only will pick 1 flyer)

  • Packaging is a product used to contain or prepare a bundle (example: a plastic pot, later prepared with 4 tennis balls inside)

Product Type

4th, you can disable the product, so it will appear in the disabled tab, and Amphora will stop fulfilling it. Also you can mark the product as dangerous, so we can pay special attention to it. Dangerous goods or hazardous goods are solids, liquids, or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment.disable product

Finally, you can choose to make this product a bundle, and select the products that must be included with it (for example, if this would be a tennis ball pack, we would include in here 4 balls and 1 pot), or you can decide to bind this product (for example, if this product would be a promotion flyer to be included with all our shoes, we could add it to all the shoes that we find in the products list)

make a bundle

bind this product

Individual products stock details

The stock can be controlled from the general panel, and we can order the products by stock, given a selected warehouse, so we can easily see what is the current state of the inventory. If we want to go deeper in our product stock pannel we can

  • observe the evolution of stock in a given product

  • check the list of orders that had assigned the product

  • check the quantity that was received, sent to customers and notice the manual product adjustments, resulting of manual inventory controls (marked in a shiny yellow)

Product stock panel