Manage your logistics quickly and easily

Our platform allows Ecommerce companies to spend less time on their logistics while maximizing transparency and control

Connect your online store in less than 5 minutes

Amphora effortlessly integrates with the main ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Simultaneously manage all your online stores through our platform.

Send us your products

Send us your products to our fulfillment centers. You can send all your product to a single fulfillment center or you can strategically split your inventory across our fulfillment centers to get your products to your clients more quickly and affordably. You can rest assured that your storage cost will be the same either way.

Through our platform you can check real time the status of your shipment.

We receive and store your inventory

At Amphora we receive your products in our fulfillment centers, making sure that it arrives in the optimal conditions.

Sell your products

Forget about logistics and focus on growing your business.

As soon as a customer places an order, Amphora receives and manages the order automatically. We do the picking, packing and we leave it ready for shipment.


We are integrated with the main shipping companies. Our algorithm selects the best shipping method so that the product reaches your client as quickly as possible and in the best conditions.We make sure that the order reaches your client in less than 48 hours.