Han aumentado sus envíos un 300%.
Supplements and nutrition


Most of us are looking for a partner to grow with. Naturadika and Amphora found a common goal: to expand without limits. Three years later, they have increased their shipments by 300%.

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Supplements and nutrition

The No. 1 supplement brand in Italy sets the record with an average delivery time of less than 24 hours. Originally from Italy, their influence has now spread to Spain, France and other countries, where they have found a large market for their products.

It all started 10 years ago for the founders of Naturadika, who managed to create supplements without dyes or chemical additives. They quote: "The secret is that there is no secret". Their formula is created exclusively with active ingredients, all of them necessary.

We can now make logistical decisions in an agile way through an intuitive web interface.

We have more time and resources to invest in Naturadika's marketing and growth.

The control platform

Over the years, the natural supplements brand has consolidated both its brand and operational efficiency. Using the Amphora platform, Naturadika achieved an order processing time of less than 24 hours.

The platform, not only centralizes all operational information in real time, but offers the company the possibility of "making logistical decisions in an agile way through an intuitive web interface," says Paolo, co-founder of Naturadika.

The advantages are obvious, but they would like to highlight the following. Excellent visibility of order status and, above all, quick and easy stock transfers between warehouses, a feature much appreciated by the founders.

From Italy to Spain and vice versa

Although 97% of Naturadika's sales are concentrated in Italy and Spain, stock movement becomes monthly routine. "It's very easy to move stock from one warehouse to another," says Paolo, who performs these transfers from the Amphora portal in five simple steps.

Payment facilities

In Italy, where cash on delivery is a common form of payment, Naturadika needed a logistics partner that understood this unique need. Amphora responded to this challenge by creating a specific tab on the platform for the supplement brand. This customized billing system aims for total transparency, offering them complete control over all their transactions.

More time and resources

Although it may sound unrealistic, the percentage of growth that Naturadika has experienced from April 2022 to April 2024 is 300%. That's right, insane. Paolo is not that surprised, since delegating the logistical framework to external companies has meant "more time and resources to invest in marketing and to make Naturadika grow".

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