La marca de cosmética ha conseguido aumentar un 50% sus ventas

Niche Beauty Lab

The 2021 Black Friday marked a before and after for Niche beauty Lab, confronting them with the challenge of handling 4,000 orders in one week. This experience taught them that the real challenge was not to receive orders, but to prepare them.

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After two years using Amphora's Warehouse Management System, the cosmetics brand has managed to increase its sales by 50%, preparing its orders 4 times faster than before.

Prior to its partnership with Amphora, Niche suffered with mass order preparation at critical times. Like most e-commerce, Niche experiences peak seasons, where sales multiply fourfold in a matter of hours. In order to handle these peaks, they needed to find a logistics partner, but above all, a technology partner. Thus, for Niche Beauty Lab, Amphora is the...

practically a software company.

Niche Beauty Lab


Pick multiple units of a product to prepare multiple orders

Picking tasks

Perform multiple product picks at the same time to prepare multiple orders

Amphora became a partner that helped us grow.

Today, Niche has optimized warehousing space, improved inventory accuracy, more efficient order picking and, most importantly, Niche has Amphora's support to upscale.

At times of high stress, Amphora has helped us to take on peaks with volumes that doubled, tripled and even quadrupled orders.

Although Niche has managed to increase order picking time by four times with Amphora's WMS, the reality is that they continue to outperform themselves year after year. That's why, at peak times such as Black Friday or during campaigns, Niche relies on Amphora's fulfillment service to further strengthen its logistics operations.

Thanks to the possibility of having this hybrid system (WMS + Fulfillment), Niche is able to deal peak seasons without getting out of control.

Amphora se convirtió en el partner que nos ayudó a crecer.

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