Shopify: Local delivery & Local pickup

Local delivery & Local pickup

Shopify empowers the local services between shops and nearby customers by allowing you to activate 2 options:

  • Local delivery: You can offer this option as a new shipping method for your close customers. You can filter by:

    • Post Code: Select a set of post codes to offer local delivery

    • kilometers: This option will appear to all customers in a range area

  • Local pickup: With this option, the user is not choosing to receive the product at home but to pick it up in the store.

Both options can co-exist, and we can also "fake" local pick-up with a local delivery + message. Now we will expose the work flow difference between both of them:

Local delivery:

The idea behind this option is to provide fast delivery from your shop, as well as allow you to leave the shop "for a moment" to go around your neighborhood and be able to deliver some orders directly to the customers.

Local delivery is a shipping method and will require customers to enter a phone number, so they can be called before getting to them:

Local shipping method

You can also add a delivery message that the customers will see both when choosing this option in the checkout, and in the confirmation email. In this example my message was You can pick up the order in our store... This way, we can offer this option for free as a shipping method only to the selected areas, making it as it would be a local pickup

The orders that choose this delivery method will show this option in the orders panel

Local delivery method

Configuring local delivery:

You can add this option in Settings >> Shipping and delivery >> Local Delivery >> manage, and select:

This location offers local delivery

You then need to select a delivery area (post code / km area), a delivery message and save the configuration.

The delivery message will allow us to explain what we are actually offering (local pick up, Glovo fast delivery between 9:00 and 18:00, or anything imaginable)

Creating local delivery

Local Pickup:

With local pickup Shopify will make crystal clear to the customer that no shipping is required, and hence is always free. The user will be given an estimated time to prepare the order (Decathlon, for example, gives the shop 1 hour to have it all ready) and the shop will send an email when the order is ready.

The user experience in the checkout will be the following:

Pickup Delievery method

We can see that pick up will be done in our location, and that we usually have the order ready in 4 hours. With this option the user is not required to give any shipping location, because he is coming to the shop (only billing location is required).

The shop then, will need to prepare the order, mark it as ready to deliver and finally close the order:

Example local pick up

Mark as picked up

And the user will receive a confirmation email, when the order is ready for pickup, with a custom message (in our case, we ask him to bring the con

Order pick up email

Configuring local pickup:

You can add this option in Settings >> Shipping and delivery >> Local Pickup >> manage, and select:

This location offers local pickup

You then need to information required and save the configuration.

Local pick up configuration