se ha transformado en un referente del ecommerce, enviando sus diseños a más de 30 países.

Mindtraveler BCN

Oriol, Clara and Cris turned their dream into reality by creating MindTravelerBcn, a fashion brand that started as a simple hobby and has become an ecommerce reference, sending their designs to more than 30 countries.

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From idea to worldwide shipments in just a few months. Amphora’s Warehouse Management System helped Mindtraveler upscale their business to the next level with an outstanding logistical optimization.

A group of friends with a plan: to travel. Oriol, Clara and Cris turned their dream into reality by creating MindTraveler BCN, A fashion brand that started as a simple hobby that now not only send daily orders to more than 30 aountries, but has become a benchmark in ecommerce.

Thanks to Amphora's Management System, it now takes MindTraveler BCN less than 5 minutes to prepare an order. This optimization has not only streamlined its operations, but also boosted its international sales by 70%.

The collaboration between MindTraveler and Amphora demonstrates how technology can scale a business. Do you want to go on the same journey as them?


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