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Team Heretics spends more than 80% of its time growing the business since outsourcing its logistics to Amphora.

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On par with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, Team Heretics is taking the sports world by storm. But a slightly different type of sport: esports. Although less popular outside its circle, esports has doubled its audience in just 6 years, with more than 500 million viewers annually.

With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Team Heretics sells its official gear and clothing online. They started by preparing their shipments from their office, to the point that it became impossible to manage if they wanted to continue scaling the ecommerce.

A logistics solution that has given us life

In the competitive world of ecommerce, logistics can quickly become both a burden and a springboard to success. Spain's No. 1 esports brand has experienced firsthand how an effective logistics strategy can be a game changer.

Farewell to logistics chains

Prior to partnering with Amphora, Team Heretics faced challenges in their logistics operations, which was normal given their growth. "Getting rid of the logistics headache," as Marcos Del Castillo, Ecommerce Manager at Team Heretics, describes it, was a priority for them. The lack of flexibility in working in-house logistics had limited the brand's ability to scale and respond to market needs.

Personalization, speed, accessibility...

One of the most common fears when a business decides to outsource a part of their project is that the externilized part will no longer be taken care of the same way they want it to be. However, as a result of the collaboration with Amphora, Team Heretics has not stopped delivering and customizing products for their clients, for instance ironing names on their t-shirts.

Moreover, in an industry where unforeseen events are the norm, Amphora's ability to respond quickly to any problems has been crucial. "There are always going to be problems, but the game-changing aspecct of Amphora is that it solves them quickly," says Marcos. This agility has been a very positive change for the Team Heretics team, who now spend more than 80% of their time growing and developing their business.

The opportunity for more opportunities

Their partnership with Amphora has paid off. Team Heretics, has not only become free of their previous logistical constraints, but they now have the time to prepare and execute larger and more ambitious collaborations.

The partnership with Amphora has provided us with the space to prepare for a major collaboration."

Team Heretics has worked together with influencers such as Mar Lucas, The Grefg, Nil Ojeda, also an Amphora client with his brand Milfshakes, among others.

User-friendly and an advantage

A key aspect of the success of this collaboration is Amphora's platform, defined by Marcos as "user-friendly and efficient". The software's user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities allow Team Heretics to manage and monitor their logistics operations seamlessly, ensuring that they can devote more time and resources to pursuing new opportunities.

The collaboration between Amphora and Team Heretics has not only solved the logistics challenges of the past, but has laid a solid foundation for future ecommerce growth. As Team Heretics rightly says, Amphora has been a logistics solution that has truly "given us life," transforming logistics into a competitive advantage.

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