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"We are very happy because this way of working promises agile order preparation"

The cosmetics brand no longer worries about peak demand thanks to Amphora's Warehouse Management System. Today, with the same staff, they triple the number of orders prepared per day.

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Product expiration

Automated inventory rotation is necessary to always sell the oldest lot. In addition, sanitary regulations' compliance  is crucial to ensure that products are stored and transported in conditions that guarantee their safety.


Batches and trackability

Amphora uses FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out) methodologies to ensure proper inventory rotation. Full trackability allows us to always know where each product is and which batch it came from.

With Amphora

Lack of brand image

Branding can be a problem, as many logistics operators charge additional fees to customize packages or do not offer this option at all. This lack of customization can affect brand perception and diminish the emotional connection with the customer.


Custom branding

Amphora offers a solution to ensure that your brand image is present in every order. We include your marketing products and have a marketing email system to reflect your brand at all times. This ensures visual consistency and consistent brand impact, strengthening customer loyalty.

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Safety and packaging

Cosmetic products require protective packaging, ensuring their integrity from the warehouse to the final customer. Not only that, Amphora believes that a special unboxing experience is key to customer loyalty.


Your customer is our customer and we know how important packaging is to generate a good brand image.


98,6% shipment fulfillment

Amphora has a 98.6% delivery success rate by putting detail into the products' packing, guaranteeing their delivery in optimal conditions. We ensure that each shipment meets quality and safety expectations.

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Niche Beauty Lab

Complementary services

Specialized B2B team for error-free preparation

We use barcodes and each item is scanned and verified. Your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

We work hand in hand with ecommerce consultants

We guide you in the design of strategies for your business. With Amphora, investing in logistics is also investing in knowledge and experience. 

We become a strategic partner for your brand

Specific recommendations and constant communication with your Account Manager. We help you achieve your business goals.

Success Cases

Niche Beauty Lab

The 2021 Black Friday marked a before and after for Niche beauty Lab, confronting them with the challenge of handling 4,000 orders in one week. This experience taught them that the real challenge was not to receive orders, but to prepare them.

Aumento del 150% de las ventas de IDIDA.

Three years ago, IDIDA NAIL broke into the Spanish market with its innovative nail polish product, offering a healthy and fast-application alternative. Since its partnership with Amphora, they have managed to reduce incidents related to their stock to 1%.

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