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With only 6% of incidents, the international brand maintains an excellent reputation and avoids negative reviews.

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Peak Season

Peak seasons represent a great logistical challenge for companies due to the increase in order volume, requiring more staff, inventory and efficiency to avoid delays and errors that impact customer satisfaction.


Advanced picking system

Our advanced picking system uses automation and AI to organize and group orders. We increase productivity by up to 4 times by using the best picking routes and verification to minimize errors. Manage your demand peaks without stress peaks.

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Selling outside the ecommerce's country of origin is never easy. Shipping prices are doubled, tripled and even quadrupled in order to expand the business internationally.  In addition to the lack of knowledge and tendencies of the new market.


Growth plan

In logistics, volume means better prices. And better prices mean greater growth potential. Amphora offers a tailored pricing for your business without being afraid of taking the international step. In addition, we have the knowledge necessary for you to expand to different markets and a network of warehouses strategically distributed around the world.

Join our volume and get the best prices in the market and the expertise you are looking for.

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Stock issues

Lack of stock is a recurring problem that negatively affects fashion ecommerces. Poor inventory management leads to an unsatisfactory shopping experience and damages the company's reputation.


Inventory counts

We offer accurate stock counts using RFID technology. Smart tags track products in real time, enabling complete inventory visibility. It prevents stock-outs, reduces overstock costs and provides reliable data to improve forecasting and, consequently, operational management.

With Amphora

Complementary services

Specialized B2B team for error-free preparation

We use barcodes and each item is scanned and verified. Your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

We work hand in hand with ecommerce consultants

We guide you in the design of strategies for your business. With Amphora, investing in logistics is also investing in knowledge and experience.

We become a strategic partner for your brand

Specific recommendations and constant communication with your Account Manager. We help you achieve your business goals.

Success Cases


On peak demand days, TuMerchan has gone from needing 8 workers to just 2 thanks to Amphora's Warehouse Management System. 

Lo que me gusta de Amphora es que escucha lo que necesita el cliente para poder mejorar.

12 years ago, Adriana Dumon decided to share how she made backpacks on Facebook. Soon after, Ölend was born, a brand of accessories with an urban, very city style. With only 6% of incidents, the international brand maintains an excellent reputation.

ha impulsado sus ventas internacionales en un 70%.
Mindtraveler BCN

Oriol, Clara and Cris turned their dream into reality by creating MindTravelerBcn, a fashion brand that started as a simple hobby and has become an ecommerce reference, sending their designs to more than 30 countries.

Team Heretics

Team Heretics spends more than 80% of its time growing the business since outsourcing its logistics to Amphora.

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