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Naturadika and Amphora found a common goal: to expand without limits. Three years later, the natural supplements brand has increased its shipments by 300%.

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Product expiration

Automated inventory rotation is necessary to always sell the oldest lot. In addition, sanitary regulations' compliance is crucial to ensure that products are stored and transported in conditions that guarantee their safety.


Batches and trackability

Amphora uses FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out) methodologies to ensure proper inventory rotation. Full trackability allows us to always know where each product is and which batch it came from.

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Stock issues

Lack of stock is a recurring problem that negatively affects supplements ecommerce. Poor inventory management leads to an unsatisfactory shopping experience and damages the company's reputation.


Automatic prediction

Amphora offers automatic predictions to prevent stock-outs. Our system generates early warnings when a product is about to run out of stock. In addition, automated emails are sent requesting timely restocking of the warehouse.

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Environmental impact

While logistics operations inevitably generate some environmental impact, there are multiple opportunities to mitigate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainable consciousness

We have a strategic network of PUDO (Delivery Points) and optimized routes to reduce emissions. In addition, we digitilize our warehouses to minimize the use of paper, and we make responsible use of packaging and labels to avoid waste.

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Complementary services

Specialized B2B team for error-free preparation

We use barcodes and each item is scanned and verified. Your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

We work hand in hand with ecommerce consultants

We guide you in the design of strategies for your business. With Amphora, investing in logistics is also investing in knowledge and experience.

We become a strategic partner for your brand

Specific recommendations and constant communication with your Account Manager. We help you achieve your business goals.

Success Cases

Desde su asociación con Amphora, han logrado expandirse sin problemas a los exigentes mercados de Inglaterra y Estados Unidos.

Guy Morley discovered the surprising benefits of functional mushrooms in coffee brewing. These mushrooms not only strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, but also improve brain health.


Most of us are looking for a partner to grow with. Naturadika and Amphora found a common goal: to expand without limits. Three years later, they have increased their shipments by 300%.

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